All You Need to Know Concerning Unity Sand Ceremony

There are different ways that people use in order to enter into a marriage union. Some of the common ways used include ring wearing and candle lighting ceremonies. However, another contemporary way of achieving this is by use of Unity or Wedding Sand. In this type of a union, there are three separate sand vases. One vase belongs the bride and the other vase belongs to the groom. To understand more about wedding sand just view the link.

The couple pours the sand in these different vases in one large vase called the unity vase. This pouring together is what represents the union of the couple and the couple families and relatives. In most cases, Colored Sand is used. The bride will have a different color from that of the groom. This is used so that after mixing one can clearly identify that the couple has entered into a covenant.

The Colored Sand may also be used as a symbol of faith. Most of the colors used in this case include white and ivory. The color can also be used to symbolize family blend. In addition, there are no limitations on the type or color of sand that should be used in this Wedding sand Ceremony. Acquire more knowledge of this information about sand unity set .

However, the Unity Sand Set vases used should have good features and qualities such as beauty and elegance in order to color the event. The Unity Sand Set union Vase should also be transparent and a little bit large than the other vases. This will symbolic in that the union accommodates more than the individual families.

However, it only depends on the level of symbolism that you require. If you take the event in a more special manner, you can opt to look for artificial colored sand instead of using natural sand. The unity vase is then stored for unforeseeable future by the couple. A Unity Sand Ceremony is characterized by the following features and advantages.

1. Symbolism.

One of the major advantage or feature of this Unity Sand Wedding Ceremony is symbolism. The symbolism of unity, in this case, is more than lighting a candle that will go off or melt. In this type of Unity Sand covenant, it is impossible to separate a mixture of sand once mixed. Therefore, once the couple gets married and the family gets united there is no way of going back. Seek more info about wedding sand ceremony at .

On the other hand, the unity vase is carried and kept by the couple. It is a symbol that will always remind them of their unity. Just like mixing blood the way it cannot be separated, the same way the unity will last forever. Keeping the unity vase in their home will also strengthen the bond between the spouses.